Multi Function Purpose

Multi function purpose machines are the biggest gainers and year on year growth is in the vacinity of 12% and are now thought to be the most important tool for saving businesses time and money than any other piece of machinery available in the office.


Looking for big cost reduction in Sydney

Sometimes saving time can be just as exciting and rewarding as saving immediate cash in your bank account some studies have shown that a well configuered machine can save an average office some 15% time reduction on office equipment use. This can be massive savings for large and medium size corporations.

In the market DSG is having a massive impact on hpow printers are marketed made and sold the benefits are now so large for the average business it is almost impossible to overlook.

CDI44260 is one of the latest macines to use every functyion available to man kind in Sydney these machines have become alarmingly popular and the trend looks ripe to continue with sales growing steady at around 7% per month. If this machine or saving time and money interests your business we wouldf be glad to hear from you. We are open 7 days a week and do emergency call outs should your business require a replacement immediatly.

We recommend you give us a call and allow us the opprtunity for a free analysis of your printing needs and how you can save some serious money on changing your printer costs.