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Are you looking to drastically reduce your print costs in Sydney? We specialise in providing photocopier machines to the general public with massive saving that suite any business look to save time and money.


Normal printers are entering the age of being outdated and obselete especially in the sydney printer lease market. With massive increases in MFP sales a general photocopier may soon not be available some projections have this occuring by 2020-2025. It is amazing to see the market change, but many companys are making massive savings haveing an all in one machine.

There have been massive changes in the type of paper we use in printing nowadays with virtually every business of size now choosing the cheapest grade of print paper available.

Demand for conventional print machines are dropping a massive 10% per annum with quality paper sales dropping at around&% per annum as well/. There have been no projections on whether quality print paper will one day become absolete as well but sales hint at the possibility of this. Uncoated Woodfree sheets dropped 28% last year.while While demand for other quality paper was down as well.


We believe that the days where you needed high quality paper to get a very nice finish have nearly been ended by the introduction of digital print within Australia in around 2006.

Whether your looking to save money on paper machines, print or energy we taker greaty pride in being able to bring the massive saving to your business.

The print services industry is still thrieving and growing every year sets new records in volume of print being done around the world and in the USA as well. One might of thought in the digital age print services volume could potentially be down. However with news paper sales almost none existant compared to 20 years ago other avenues have filled these shoes. Powerpoints, business cards are the biggest gainers in todays market with supposed sales growing by some 8% year on year.